Children’s Dentistry

Mckenzies Dental Surgery is proud to have one of the best reputations in town for caring for younger patients and we attract many families from across Kent. Our children’s dentistry is provided under the NHS, which means that parents do not pay anything whilst their child is in full time education.

We always advise parents to bring their children along from an early age to allow them to get used to the dental practice environment. Our young patients are then encouraged to have a sit in the ‘big chair’ from around three and a half years old. We believe in a long-term relationship between dentist and patient, which starts from a young age. This way their real needs and desire are known by their dentist and a relationship of trust is built.

On the first few appointments our aim is keeping the experience positive, friendly and allowing your child to explore the chair and mirror etc. At this stage we don’t force them to open their mouths if they don’t want to but rather focus our attention on them leaving the surgery happy.

Our children’s dental procedures include fluoride treatments, fissure sealants and preventive care. We also aim to provide parents with advice for maintaining optimum health from an early age and other issues such as thumbsucking, speech development and the general development of the jaws and mouth.

We have learned techniques and treatments to deal with most situations in house but also have good referral network if we feel your child would benefit.