Six Month Smiles

Mckenzies Dental Surgery in Sevenoaks is proud to offer revolutionary Six Month Smiles orthodontic therapy to adults.

Six Month Smiles is a fast, tooth-coloured, cosmetic brace system that allows you to achieve a straighter smile in around six to nine months using ultra-clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

We are seeing more and more adults opting for orthodontic treatment and Six Month Smiles is popular because it is fast acting, almost invisible and highly successful.

Some people are put off by the length of time they assume orthodontic treatment takes and many think they will have to have teeth taken out – but that’s not the case with Six Month Smiles.

Is it comfortable?

Despite the speed at which teeth can be straightened, this smart system uses low forces to move teeth gently using orthodontic mechanics – focusing on how your teeth will look rather than the position of your bite – so it is no more painful than standard treatments.

Also the Six Month Smiles system has a lower risk of root damage than traditional braces because the forces used are lighter.

Will I need a retainer?

As with any teeth-straightening treatment, a retainer is necessary to keep freshly straightened teeth in line. There are a number of options available so you can pick the retainer type to suit you best.


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