Enjoy comfortable, natural-looking dentures from Mckenzies Dental Surgery in Sevenoaks.

If your missing or decaying teeth are making you shy away from smiling, then a denture may be the perfect solution. It will restore the look and function of your mouth and boost your confidence because eating, talking and smiling become so much easier.

A denture can also improve your facial structure, particularly in the cheek area and around your lips – leading to a dramatically improved look.

Modern dentures have a much more natural look and are far more comfortable than they once were. If fitted correctly, you shouldn’t even need fixing adhesive, and no one will suspect they aren’t your real teeth.

The fact that we provide comfortable, natural-looking dentures is a real benefit to those people who no longer possess their natural teeth but for whom socialising and showing a confident smile is very important.

Modern knowledge and techniques will ensure that your new dentures look great and feel comfortable, allowing you to eat with confidence. We offer a range of metal and acrylic dentures to suit most budgets and advances in denture technology mean that some foods that were off limits to denture wearers in the past, can now be eaten more easily.

Implant supported dentures

To improve the stability of dentures they can be anchored to one or more dental implants. The result is a denture that is stable and retentive. Studies have found that patients with implant-retained dentures (or dentures over implants) have improved speech, better chewing efficiency, increased nutritional intake and a general improved quality of life when compared to their conventional dentures.

How long does it take to get dentures?

The manufacture of dentures is an intricate process, taking time and skill, and you will need to attend several appointments while you are being measured and fitted with your dentures so we can ensure the most secure and comfortable fit.

Following an initial consultation, we will formulate a treatment plan and take impressions of your mouth so we can create a wax model of your dentures. Once this model has been checked for fit, bite and comfort, a final set of dentures will be produced and you will be invited for a fitting appointment. You will also need to return for a check-up after fitting so we can make sure you are fully satisfied with your new teeth.

What can I expect when my dentures are first fitted?

It can take a little while to get used to your new dentures especially if they are a full set, but remember the way you look will be dramatically transformed and take comfort in the fact that you’ll be delighted with your new image.

If you find it a little odd when you eat, try starting with softer foods and gradually introduce more ‘challenging’ items. You may also notice a slight increase in the amount of saliva in your mouth but this will lessen within a couple of weeks.

Also while getting used to your dentures, your speech may be slightly affected, so try and get lots of practice by reading out loud.

Occasionally, your dentures may feel a little sore if they are pressing on parts of your gum but this can be solved by adjusting the denture surface.

Can a denture be fitted straight after tooth extractions?

If existing teeth need to be removed, it is normally possible to fit your denture straight away – although a recovery period is sometimes required. However, if dentures are fitted immediately you may need to return sometime later for a re-adjustment or replacement because the bone and gums tend to shrink slightly in the months following tooth extractions.

Top denture care tips

  • Come for regular check-ups so we can keep an eye on your gum health
  • Remove dentures at night (unless otherwise directed) to give your gums a rest
  • Always clean your dentures with a toothbrush or a special denture brush and denture cream
  • Store them in water or denture fluid and never let them dry out as they may harden and lose their shape. Remember to rinse thoroughly before you put them back in.
  • Aim to clean your dentures after every meal if possible
  • Don’t forget to brush your gums, tongue and any remaining teeth when you remove your dentures at night to make sure they stay healthy