Hygiene Therapy

Dental therapy provides a deep cleaning treatment for your teeth that removes tartar and plaque build-up to help prevent or slow the progress of gum disease. It leaves the surfaces of the teeth nice and smooth to discourage bacteria from sticking around.

What does treatment involve?

The dental hygienist uses special cleaning instruments to gently remove unwelcome deposits without harming teeth. Then, when all the surfaces are super smooth, they polish up teeth with a gritty paste.

This thorough clean not only boosts your oral health, it also improves the look and feel of your teeth, as well as freshening your mouth.

Our team at Mckenzies Dental Surgery in Kent is passionate about giving patients the means and the motivation to smile at the world confidently. We believe that the foundation of a healthy smile is a good oral hygiene routine using the right toothbrushes and interdental cleaning products.

We believe that confidence grows from solid foundations in the form of healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath. By creating a pleasant environment in your mouth your general wellbeing is improved and you are helping to maintain a healthier heart and improve control of diabetes. And let’s not forget the wonders it can do for your social life! Who doesn’t want to be kissable?

The benefits of hygiene therapy

  • Helps keep your teeth healthy for life
  • helps reduce the risk of gum disease, decay and tooth loss
  • Helps keep your breath fresher
  • Reduced bad tastes & bad smells
  • Reduces the risks linking gum disease & serious