Nervous Patients

Around 50 per cent of the population does not visit the dentist – and a quarter of those fail to do so because they are too afraid. These statistics cause us great concern at Mckenzies in Sevenoaks.

Poor dental health is linked to heart disease, bacterial lung infections, premature births, diabetes, strokes and even dementia, meaning regular visits are vital to maintaining good general health and wellbeing.

We offer dental sedation to very nervous patients. One of the main benefits is that you will feel the treatment has only taken a matter of minutes when it may have taken hours. This allows complex dental treatment, which may normally take several visits, to be completed in fewer appointments.

Please don’t neglect your dental wellbeing because of severe anxiety – speak to us, we can help.

IV Sedation to ease your worries

We fully understand that the thought of having dental treatment can be scary, which is why we take a gentle approach to our treatment of fearful patients. If fear is proving a real obstacle to maintaining your dental health then sedation can prove to be a calming solution.

Intravenous sedation (IV Sedation) is a safe, effective way to ensure you stay wonderfully relaxed during dental treatment. The drug is injected with a fine needle into your arm or the back of your hand by a qualified sedationist and you will be monitored throughout. You will feel drowsy, but remain conscious, so you can communicate with the dentist. However, your worries will be eliminated and you will probably remember very little about the whole experience.

How much will it cost?

We want you to get to know our team and feel comfortable about visiting our practice before you arrange any appointments and incur any charges, so your initial non-clinical visit is free of charge. After this first discussion, the cost of a separate new patient examination will be £63.00, which includes x-rays, treatment plans and cost estimates for any treatment you may need.

If we do discover you need treatment following this new patient examination we will provide you with comprehensive treatment plans and cost estimates. Take a look at our Fee Guide for an idea of our prices.

If you are worried about seeing a dentist, then please call Nicola, our treatment coordinator, on 01732 455 191, send an email to or complete our contact form. You will not be pressured into making an appointment, you can simply let us know your concerns and we will do our very best to help.